Cover Image: The Pentateuch as Narrative

The Pentateuch as Narrative:
A Biblical-Theological Commentary

John Sailhamer (Zondervan, 1995)

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Part commentary, part case study in evangelical hermeneutics, this book is an excellent resource for anyone preaching, teaching, or studying the first five books of the Bible. In The Pentateuch as Narrative, Sailhamer distances himself from typical scholarly concern with literary sources and the historicity of narrated events. Instead, Sailhamer seeks to understand the Pentateuch as a unitary whole by focusing attention on its narrative content and literary structure. In doing so, Sailhamer reaches the important conclusion of great relevance for Biblical Theology that the central theme of the Pentateuch is the contrast between the Abrahamic covenant and the Mosaic covenant. Highly recommended.


Detailed Outline of the Pentateuch


Interpreting the Pentateuch

A. The Pentateuch Is a Book

B. The Historical Background of the Pentateuch

C. Historical Background and the Meaning of the Text of the Pentateuch .

D. Revelation in Scripture (Text) and in History (Event)

E. Authorship and Sources

F. Literary Form of Historical Narrative

G. The Structure of the Pentateuch

H. The Purpose of the Pentateuch

I. The Mosaic Law and the Theology of the Pentateuch

J. Basic Principles Taught in the Torah

Chapter 1: Genesis

Chapter 2: Exodus

Chapter 3: Leviticus

Chapter 5: Deuteronomy

Appendix: Summary of Maimonides' List of Laws in the Torah

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