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Witness to the Gospel:
The Theology of Luke-Acts (ed. I. H. Marshall & D. Peterson)

Eerdmans, 1998

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A distinguished group of scholars here provide a comprehensive survey of the theology of the early church as it is presented by the author of Acts. These twenty-five essays, designed to show the current state of scholarship in ways accessible to students of the NT, discuss the main themes in the theology of Acts: God’s plan of salvation, the call of God and the spreading of the Word, the renewing work of the Holy Spirit, the relationship of Jews and Gentiles in the church, and more. Some chapters are more directly relevant to biblical theology than others, but all in all a valuable collection of essays.


1. How does one write on the Theology of Acts? (Howard Marshall) 

Part 1: The Salvation of God 
2. The Plan of God (John T. Squires) 
3. Scripture and the Realisation of God’s Promises (Darrell Bock) 
4. Salvation-History and Eschatology (John Nolland) 
5. Salvation to the ends of the Earth: God as Saviour in the Acts of the Apostles (Joel B. Green) 
6. The Divine Saviour (H. Douglas Buckwalter) 
7. The Need for Salvation (Christopher Stenschke) 
8. Salvation and Health in Christian antiquity: The Soteriology of Luke-Acts in its First Century setting (Ben Witherington III) 

Part 2: The Call of God 
9. The Role of the Apostles (Andrew Clark) 
10. Mission and Witness (Peter Bolt) 
11. The Progress of the Word (Brian Rosner) 
12. Opposition to the Plan of God and Persecution (Brian Rapske) 
13. The Preaching of Peter in Acts (Hans F. Bayer) 
14. The Speech of Stephen (Heinz-Werner Neudorfer) 
15. The Preaching and Defence of Paul (G. Walter Hansen) 

Part 3: The Renewing Work of God 
16. The ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ as the Power of Israel’s restoration and witness (Max Turner) 
17. The New People of God (David Seccombe) 
18. The Worship of the new community (David Peterson) 
19. The Christian and the Law of Moses (Craig Blomberg) 
20. Mission Practice and Theology under Construction (Philip H. Towner) 
21. Israel and the Gentile Mission in Acts and Paul: A Canonical Approach (Robert Wall) 
22. Sociology and Theology (Stephen C. Barton) 
23. The Influence of Jewish Worship on Luke’s presentation of the early church (Brad Blue) 
24. Reciprocity and the Ethic of Acts (Brian Capper) 

25. Luke’s Theological Enterprise: Integration and Intent

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