Cover Image: Love in Hard Places

Love in Hard Places

D. A. Carson (Paternoster, 2002)

Blurb Review by Graham Beynon


Although not strictly a biblical theology of love, this book is a follow-up to the Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God and deserves attention for the way it handles the topic. In this volume Carson focuses on aspects of Christian love that are not easy, such as loving your enemies and forgiving those who have hurt you. Whether the wounds come at the hands of a stranger in a distant land, from the neighbour next door, or from someone inside your home, this book will help you understand what biblical love is ... and is not. As he sorts through the diverse ways in which Scripture speaks of Christian love, Carson shows how that love reflects God's own love. Like its predecessor, this book began life on the lecture-circuit, but has been fully updated since September 11 to deal with some of the issues that events like that raise for love of enemies. Again highly recommended, particularly for the ‘Two Hard Cases' chapter.


1. Love and the Commandment of God
2. Love and Enemies, Big and Small
3. Love and Forgiveness: Thinking about the Basics
4. Love and Forgiveness: Two Hard Cases
5. Love and the Denial of the Gospel
6. Love and the Intoxication of the Diligent Routine

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