Cover Image: Look to the Rock

Look to the Rock:
An Old Testament Background to our Understanding of Christ

Alec Motyer (IVP, 1996)

Blurb Review by Dr Eric Ortlund


This is a great book with one of IVP's better covers! Alec Motyer's passion for the Old Testament comes through on every page as he skilfully shows how Jesus is the expected king who brings in the kingdom looked for in the OT; he is both the image and the Word of God; he conquers sin and death, and brings the disordered creation to its perfect consummation. To neglect the OT is to have an impoverished view of the glory of Christ and this book will go a very long way to preventing that ill. It would have been good to see some thinking in the book on whether Motyer thinks there are any overall principles holding the different themes together and whether they have an organising relationship to each other, but I suppose this lack can be added from elsewhere. This is an excellent book.


1. The master theme of the Bible
2. Christ as fulfilment: The themes of King and kingdom
3. Christ as climax: The themes of covenant, grace and law
4. Christ as revelation (1): The theme of the image of God
5. Christ as revelation (2): The theme of the word of God
6. Christ our life (1): The theme of sin
7. Christ our life (2): The theme of death
8. Christ our Hope: The themes of creation and consummation

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