Cover Image: Living as the People of God

Living as the People of God:
The Relevance of Old Testament Ethics

Christopher J. H. Wright (IVP, 1983)

Blurb Review


When this book was first published in 1983 it made an almost unique contribution, in that the literature on OT ethics was very thin on the ground. What is particularly helpful about this book is that it counters the postmodern emphasis on personal ethics. The book is based 'on the conviction that the primary ethical thrust of the Old Testament is in fact social. The Old Testament is the story of a people - God's people; and all the morally memorable tales of individuals are part of that wider story.' The book is not really an exercise in biblical theology as such but it does suggest wider applications and opens the way for extended biblical-theological reflection.


Part One: The Framework of Old Testament Ethics
Introduction: The ethical triangle
1. The theological angle
2. The social angle
3. The economic angle
Conclusion: Covenantal, canonical, comprehensive
Part Two: Themes in Old Testament Ethics
4. Economics and the land
5. Politics and the world of nations
6. Righteousness and justice
7. Law and the legal system
8. Society and culture
9. The way of the individual

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