Cover Image: Biblical Interpretation and the Church

Biblical Interpretation and the Church:
Text and Context (ed. D. A. Carson)

Baker, Paternoster, 1983, 1993

Blurb Review


Never judge a series by its covers. This book is the first in a series of five Tyndale Consultations produced by the Faith and Church Study Unit of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship. Not all of the contents are specifically related to biblical theology, but some of them are so we thought we'd include them here. Also, some of the biblical theology chapters will be appearing in our library at a later date, so watch this space! This volume is a collection of eight essays on hermeneutical issues relevant to understanding the nature, scope and mission of the church globally and are written by contributors representing 5 continents. The chapters by R. T France and E. P. Clowney are particularly recommended.


  1. A Sketch of the Factors Determining Current Hermeneutical Debate in Cross-Cultural Contexts (D. A. CARSON)
  2. The Church and the Kingdom of God: Some Hermeneutical Issues. (R. T. FRANCE) 
  3. The Church in the Gospel of Matthew: Hermeneutical Analysis of the Current Debate. (GERHARD MAIER) 
  4. Interpreting the Biblical Models of the Church: A Hermeneutical Deepening of Ecclesiology. (EDMUND P. CLOWNEY) 
  5. Principalities and Powers: Opponents of the Church. (PETER T. O'BRIEN) 
  6. The Church in African Theology: Description and Analysis of Hermeneutical Presuppositions. (TITE TIENOU) 
  7. The Church in the Liberation Theology of Gutierrez: Description and Hermeneutical Analysis. (EMILIO A. NUNEZ) 
  8. Social Justice: Underlying Hermeneutical Issues. (RUSSELL P. SHEDD)
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