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Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament

Christopher J. H. Wright (Marshall Pickering, 1992)

Blurb Review


This is by far Chris Wright's best (popular) contribution to biblical theology. Not written from any one particular 'stable' of thought on biblical theology, it nevertheless provides an extremely valuable exposition of how a number of Old Testament themes are foundational for a true understanding who Jesus is. R. T. France's endorsement of the book is worth repeating: "Single-handed, Chris Wright leads the reader convincingly and attractively into the whole sweep of 'biblical theology'. And he does it with a rare combination of the passion and excitement the man who loves and lives by the Bible with the calm common-sense of the responsible interpreter who is truly in tune with his text." One possible criticism is that it is not explicitly clear why Wright chooses the particular prisms he does for viewing the identity of Jesus (see below) - it's not that there's anything wrong with them in themselves but it does mean that certain things get less attention e.g. the kingdom, which seems to be one of Jesus' clear interpretive concepts in his ministry. But this isn't to demean the book - it is extremely valuable and is highly recommended.


Chapter One: Jesus and the Old Testament Story
- Jesus: A man with a story
- The Story so far
- Light on the story
- A unique story
- Israel and other stories

Chapter Two: Jesus and the Old Testament Promise
- 'And so was fulfilled'
- The promise declared
- The promise guaranteed
- Conclusion

Chapter Three: Jesus and his Old Testament Identity
- 'This is my Son': OT pictures and patterns
- Jesus as the Son of God
- God as Father: Israel as son

Chapter Four: Jesus and his Old Testament Mission
- Jewish expectations at the time of Jesus
- John the Baptist
- The Messiah
- The Son of Man
- The Servant of the Lord
- The mission of the Servant in the OT
- The Servant and the mission to the Gentiles
- Our mission in the light of Christ's

Chapter Five: Jesus and his Old Testament Values
- Jesus tested in the wilderness
- Jesus and the law
- Jesus and the prophets
- Jesus, the Psalms, and the reign of God

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