Cover Image: Jerusalem Past & Present in the Purposes of God (ed. P. W. L. Walker)

Jerusalem Past & Present in the Purposes of God (ed. P. W. L. Walker)

Deo Gloria Trust, 1992

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Few cities have so continuously exerted such a profound influence on the religious consciousness of mankind as Jerusalem. There are traditions within the three great monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam which regard this city in some senses as holy and significant in the purposes of God. This important collection of essays discusses biblical, historical and theological aspects of Jerusalem, presents three contemporary perspectives by a Christian Zionist, a Jewish and a Palestinian Christian and challenges the church in that city and beyond to consider the significance of this city. This book contains revisions of papers discussed at a number of conferences held since 1989 to consider Christian involvement in the Middle East and God's purposes both past and present for Jerusalem. Very highly recommended.


Foreword, by the Rt Revd Kenneth Cragg

Biblical and Historical Perspectives
1. A Christian Approach to Old Testament Prophecy concerning Israel (Chris Wright)
2. Jerusalem in the Old Testament (Gordon McConville)
3. Jerusalem in the New Testament (Tom Wright)
4. Jerusalem in the Early Christian Centuries (Peter Walker)

Contemporary Perspectives
5. Jerusalem in Judaism and for Christian Zionists (Margaret Brearley)
6. Jerusalem in Islam and for Palestinian Christians (Na'im Ateek)
7. Jerusalem and Justice: A Messianic Jewish Perpective (Baruch Maoz)
8. Jerusalem and the Church's Challenge (Peter Walker)

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