Cover Image: New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (ed. B. Rosner & T. Desmond Alexander)

New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (ed. B. Rosner & T. Desmond Alexander)

Leicester: IVP, 2000

Blurb Review by Doug Johnson


This is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in biblical theology. It has received both mixed and rave reviews. One reviewer was critical, for instance, of the particular line taken on 'Sabbath'; another reviewer pointed out discrepancies between some of the articles and the volume's intended definition of what biblical theology actually is. But these reviews are indicative of the nature of the challenge facing anyone wanting to write on biblical theology. This means that not everyone will agree with every single article but the fact is that the Dictionary has at least attempted something which will stimulate and provoke and can nearly always be relied on to lead in the right direction. The introductory articles are a goldmine of serious engagement with the discipline, and the rest of the Dictionary then looks at the various corpora and biblical books, followed by individual biblical theology themes.


Part One: Introduction

Biblical Theology
History of Biblical Theology
Challenges to Biblical Theology
The Canon of Scripture
Biblical History
Exegesis and Hermeneutics
Unity and Diversity of Scripture
New Testament use of the Old Testament
Relationship of the Old Testament and the New Testament
Systematic Theology and biblical theology
Preaching and biblical theology

Part Two: Biblical Corpora and Books

Genesis to Kings
Wisdom Books
Prophetic Books
Synoptic Gospels
The Johannine Writings
Articles on Individual Books

Part Three: Biblical Themes

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