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Inspired Preaching:
A Survey of Preaching Found in the New Testament

A. Boyd Luter and C. Richard Wells (Broadman & Holman, 2002)

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Part 1 - Preaching and the New Testament: Surveying the Forest

1. Inspired Preaching in the New Testament: An Introductory Look
2. The New Testament as Inspired Preaching: Appreciating the Oratory Factor

Part II - The Preaching in the New Testament, the New Testament as Preaching: Inspecting the Trees

3. The Gospel and the Gospels: The Inspired Preaching of the Evangelists
4. "As One Having Authority": The Inspired Preaching of Jesus
5. "Begotten Again to a Living Hope": Peter's Epistles as Inspired Incarnational Preaching
6. The Inspired Preaching of Acts: The First Theology of Preaching
7. The Inspired Preaching of Peter in Acts
8. "To the Jew First": The Inspired Preaching of Paul in Acts
9. Paul's Epistles as Inspired Preaching
10. Hebrews, James, and Jude as Inspired Preaching
11. John's Epistles and Revelation as Inspired Preaching

Part III - Issues Related to Preaching and the New Testament: The Forest, the Trees and Beyond

12. The New Testament's Use of the Old: Inspired Exegesis and Application for Preaching
13. Inspired Preaching - Then and Now

"Evangelicals are countercultural in insisting on the centrality of preaching. We believe that the preached word creates life, just as it did when Ezekiel proclaimed the word to the dry bones. It is salutary, then, to return to the first Testament. Luter and Wells fix our attention on Jesus and the apostles as proclaimers of the word. Not all will agree with every conclusion, but the authors rightly stress the importance of oral preaching and remind us that the New Testament documents have a homiletic purpose.'

Tom Schreiner, Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

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