Cover Image: In Pursuit of the Truth

In Pursuit of the Truth

Derek Bigg (Dewcroft Publications)

Blurb Review by Paul Fernandez


Why do Christians often receive conflicting advice when wrestling with important decisions? Why is there so much disagreement among Christians over the Sabbath and Sunday? Why do some Christians feel obliged to tithe while others see tithing as an inappropriate approach to stewardship? The most significant reason for such differences is the absence of a proper biblical framework for our thinking.

This book sets out six principles of interpretation, derived from the Bible itself, which together provide the kind of framework we need. The principles are fully explained, with illustrations, and then brought to bear on several key issues: divine guidance, the law, the Ten Commandments, work and money. Each chapter also includes incisive practical application relevant to the Christian life today.


Preface: Let truth prevail
Part I - First things first: A framework for thinking biblically
Part II - By way of application: Some case studies

A. Divine guidance: An impossible dream?
B. The law: Obey it or fulfil it?
C. The Ten Commandments: God's law for today?
D. Work: Delight or drudgery?
E. Money: The answer for everything?
Postscript: An open invitation

The book can be ordered from the author, Derek Bigg, by phone on +44 1444 454887, +44 1444 454887, or by email from The price is £5.00, plus £1.50 delivery.

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