Cover Image: Immanuel in our Place

Immanuel in our Place:
Seeing Christ in Israel's Worship

Tremper Longman III (Presbyterian & Reformed, 2001)

Blurb Review by Dr. David Gibson


This volume in the Gospel According to the Old Testament series is essentially a popular priestly theology of the Old Testament. The real benefit of this book is that although it is aimed at a lay readership it still manages to contain quite a bit of detail in unpacking the priestly theology of the Bible. This gives colour and depth to our understanding of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ - it helps us to go beyond the fact that Jesus is the true high priest to really grasp how Jesus is our true high priest. Highly recommended as an introductory book on biblical theology.


PART ONE: Sacred Space
1. Paradise Gained and Lost: Sacred Space from the Beginning
2. Altars: Occasional Testimonies to Sacred Space
3. The Tabernacle of Moses: Sacred Space for the Long Haul
4. Solomon's Temple: Sacred Space Settled in the Land
5. The Furniture of the Sanctuary: An Inside Look at Sacred Space
6. The Coming of Immanuel: Where Do Christians Find Holy Space?

PART TWO: Sacred Acts
7. The 'olah: The Whole Burnt Offering
8. The Minhah and Shelamim: Tribute and Fellowship Offerings
9. The Hattat and Asham: Sin and Guilt Offerings
10. Christ: The Once-and-for-All Sacrifice!

PART THREE: Sacred People
11. The Rise of the Priesthood
12. Levites and the Priestly Life Style
13. Priestly Service: God's Bodyguards
14. Jesus, the Ultimate Priest

PART FOUR: Sacred Time
15. The Sabbath: The Focus of Sacred Time
16. Christ and Sabbath: Sacred Time Reconfigured
17. The Haggim (Pilgrimage Festivals): More on Sacred Time
18. Festivals of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement: Very Special Sacred Times
19. Purim: Latecomer to Sacred Time

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