Cover Image: He Swore an Oath

He Swore an Oath:
Biblical Themes from Genesis 12-50 (ed. R. Hess, P. E. Sattherthwaite, and G. J. Wenham)

Tyndale, 1993

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In any biblical theology, the book of Genesis will exercise a profound influence on the thinking of those who claim the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be their God. Some of the essays in this volume are devoted to a discussion of important theological perspectives from Genesis 12-50 which provides foundations for understanding the remainder of the Bible. Other contributors place these chapters of Genesis in its Near Eastern context and thereby present a helpful antidote to some of the extreme scepticism that has at times dominated discussion of these passages. Most of the chapters are revisions of papers read at the Tyndale Fellowship Old Testament Study Group held in July 1993 in Cambridge. Recommended particularly for the chapters by Desi Alexander and Walter Moberly.


1. Abraham Re-assessed Theologically: The Abraham Narrative and the New Testament Understanding of Justification by Faith (T. Desmond Alexander)
2. 'You are Abraham's Offspring, My Friend': Abraham in Isaiah 41 (John Goldingay)
3. The Slaughter of the Animals in Genesis 15: Genesis 15:8-21 and its Ancient Near Eastern Context (Richard S. Hess)
4. Genesis 12-50 in the Near Eastern World (Kenneth A. Kitchen)
5. Abraham and Melchizedek: Horizons in Genesis 14 (J. Gordon McConville)
6. Abraham, Akhenaten, Moses and Monotheism (Alan R. Millard)
7. Shared Vocabulary in the Pentateuch and the Book of Daniel (Terence C. Mitchell)
8. Christ as the Key to Scripture: Genesis 22 Reconsidered (Walter Moberly)
9. Genesis 32: Lighten our Darkness, Lord, we pray (David F. Pennant)
10. The Face at the Bottom of the Well: Hidden Agendas of the Pentateuchal Commentator (Gordon Wenham)

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