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Heaven on Earth:
The Temple in Biblical Theology (ed. S. Gathercole and T. Desmond Alexander)

Paternoster Press, 2004

Blurb Review by Dr. Osvaldo Padilla


Examining the concept of ‘Temple' throughout Scripture, this book explores one of the most interesting, but least appreciated themes in biblical theology. Far from being a building used simply for religious activities, the Temple in biblical literature embodies a rich variety of theological ideas. At the heart of these is the interface provided by between a holy God and sinful people. An understanding of the role of the Temple (and its predecessor the Tabernacle) in biblical history provides a remarkable insight into the redemptive purposes of God. From the Garden of Eden in Genesis to the new creation in Revelation, biblical literature abounds with references and allusions to the Temple, all of which underline its significance as an institution and concept. ‘Heaven on Earth' brings evangelical scholars and theologians together to offer a fresh approach to this often neglected area. The biblical essays cover OT, inter-testamental and NT material and some contemporary theological issues are also addressed.


Introduction (Peter Walker)
1. Exodus and the Biblical Theology of the Tabernacle (James Palmer)
2. From Tent of Meeting to Temple: Presence, Rejection and Renewal of Divine Favour (Pekka Pitkänen)
3. ‘Did I Ever Ask for a House of Cedar?' The Contribution of 2 Samuel 7 and 1 Chronicles 17 to the Theology of the Temple (Carl E. Armerding)
4. A Curious Silence: The Temple in 1 and 2 Kings (Robert Fyall)
5. The Temple in Ezekiel (John B. Taylor)
6. The Temple Restored (Roger T. Beckwith)
7. God's Image, His Cosmic Temple and the High Priest: Towards and Historical and Theological Account of the Incarnation (Crispin H T. Fletcher-Louis)
8. The Temple in Luke's Gospel (Peter Head)
9. The Temple in the Gospel According to John (Bill Salier)
10. A Take of Two Perspectives? The Place of the Temple in Acts (Steve Walton)
11. New Temples in Corinth: Paul's use of Temple Imagery in the Ethics of the Corinthian Correspondence (Mark Bonnington)
12. The New Temple: Christology and Ecclesiology in Ephesians and 1 Peter (David Peterson)
13. The Temple in Hebrews: Is it There? (Steve Motyer)
14. The Final Vision of the Apocalypse and its Implications for a Biblical Theology of the Temple (Gregory Beale)
15. A Little Dwelling on the Divine Presence: Towards a ‘Whereness' of the Triune God (Daniel Strange)
16. The Temple in the Theology of Karl Barth (Jonathan Norgate)
17. The Temple in Contemporary Christian Zionism (Stephen Sizer)
Epilogue: Heaven on Earth

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