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Gospel and Wisdom:
Israel's Wisdom Literature in the Christian Life

Graeme Goldsworthy (Lancer/Paternoster, 1987)

Blurb Review


It's one thing to harp on constantly about the whole bible being about Jesus, but another to keep harping on about it when you get to the wisdom literature in the OT - how does this fit into a faithful biblical theology that doesn't flatten out Scripture's diversity and find Jesus under every improbable stone? This book goes a long way to answering that question. For many readers, books such as Proverbs and Ecclesiastes seem rather 'unspiritual', far removed from the Christian experience of salvation. But in this book Goldsworthy takes as his starting point the NT conviction that Jesus Christ is the divine Wisdom, and uses this to show how 'wisdom' in the OT is related to the themes of God as Creator and Saviour. He also presents it as a key dimension of the Christian life, focused in the person of Christ. Invaluable read for seeing biblical theology at work and the difference it makes to a proper handling of Scripture.


1. The house on the rock
2. Christ our wisdom
3. The wisdom of the world
4. The refining of wisdom
5. Solomon in all his glory
6. Proverbs and the perception of order
7. Job and the hiddenness of order
8. Ecclesiastes and the confusion of order
9. Wisdom in all manner of places
10. Wisdom in Old Testament theology
11. Christ and the perfection of order
12. Christians the transformation to order

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