Cover Image: Gospel and Kingdom

Gospel and Kingdom:
A Christian Interpretation of the Old Testament

Graeme Goldsworthy (Paternoster, 1981)

Blurb Review by Brian G. Hedges


It's probably not much of an exaggeration to say that this book has, on one level, been one of the most influential books in British and Australian (Anglican?) conservative evangelicalism over the last twenty years. Even if that's an over-statement it has certainly provided much of the popular evangelical understanding of biblical theology. Although it's brief, and often raises lots of questions that you want more reflection on, it has two main benefits: it offers overall interpretive principles for interpreting the OT Christianly that don't simply follow merely sequential or thematic ordering; and it contains helpful reflection on the relationship between key issues such as the covenant and the kingdom. Highly recommended as an introduction to biblical theology.


1. Why read the Old Testament?
2. Bridging the Gap
3. What is the Old Testament?
4. Biblical theology and the history of redemption
5. The covenant and the kingdom of God
6. The kingdom revealed in Eden
7. The kingdom revealed in Israel's history
8. The kingdom revealed in prophecy
9. The kingdom revealed in Jesus Christ
10. Principles of interpretation
11. It's that giant again!
Appendix A; Suggested readings
Appendix B: Questions for group or private study
Appendix C: Passages for interpretation

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