Cover Image: God's Big Picture

God's Big Picture:
Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible

Vaughan Roberts (IVP, 2003)

Blurb Review by Dan Steel


Having a clear grasp of the Bible's overall message is one of the key ways to prevent ‘Bible Banality' in our churches and to help ensure a thoroughly biblical worldview. On the British evangelical circuit there have been many good overviews doing the rounds but really none in print since the influential Gospel and Kingdom by Graeme Goldsworthy in 1981. This great new book by Vaughan Roberts leans heavily on Goldsworthy's work to provide a slightly more accessible and interactive treatment of the Bible's plot-line. It uses the kingdom as the key interpretive principle for understanding the Scriptural story and traces this through from the kingdom patterned in Eden to perfected in Revelation. Very highly recommended.


The Bible is one book
The kingdom of God

1. The pattern of the kingdom
2. The perished kingdom
3. The promised kingdom
4. The partial kingdom
5. The prophesied kingdom
6. The present kingdom
7. The proclaimed kingdom
8. The perfected kingdom

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