Cover Image: Bible and Mission

Bible and Mission:
Christian Witness in a Postmodern World

Richard Bauckham (Paternoster/Baker, 2003)

Blurb Review by Anthony C. Thiselton


Responding to the growing needs and demands of a globalized and postmodern world, Bauckham presents a much needed biblical perspective on mission. This is principally achieved by exploring how the theme of universal blessing comes through God's work in one particular geographical location - the land of Israel. The way in which God's love for all is mediated through the particular story of a particular people in a particular land opens up creative ways of handling the challenges of mission in our ‘strange new world'. This book, originally given as the Easneye Lectures at All Nations Christian College, will stimulate fresh thinking and will be of interest to students of the Bible and essential reading to practitioners, teachers and students of mission.


1. A Hermeneutic for the Kingdom of God
2. From the One to the Many
3. Geography - Sacred and Symbolic
4. Witness to the Truth in a Postmodern and Globalized World

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