Cover Image: God, Marriage, and Family

God, Marriage, and Family:
Restoring the Biblical Foundation

David Jones and Andreas Kostenberger (Crossway Books, 2004)

Blurb Review by Christopher Ash


We live in a time of crisis regarding marriage and the family, and only by a return to the biblical foundation can these institutions be rebuilt. To provide an integrated, biblical treatment of the full range of marriage and family issues, the authors of God, Marriage, and Family examine what Scripture says about God's purposes for humans in their marriage and family interactions. Their examination covers the special issues stemming from marriage, childrearing, singleness, homosexuality, and divorce and remarriage. With study questions and points for further discussion, this book is a comprehensive yet concise resource for anyone seeking a Scriptural response to our culture's complex challenges to God's intentions for marriage and family.

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Foreword by Daniel L. Akin

]1. The Current Cultural Crisis: Rebuilding the Foundation
2. Leaving and Cleaving: Marriage in the Old Testament
3. No Longer Two, but One: Marriage in the New Testament
4. The Nature of Marriage: Sacrament, Contract, or Covenant?
5. The Ties that Bind: Family in the Old Testament
6. The Christian Family: Family in the New Testament
7. To Have or Not to Have Children: Special Issues Related to the Family (Part 1)
8. Requiring the Wisdom of Solomon: Special Issues Related to the Family (Part 2)
9. Undivided Devotion to the Lord: The Divine Gift of Singleness
10. Abandoning Natural Relations: The Biblical Verdict on Homosexuality
11. Separating What God Has Joined Together: Divorce and Remarriage
12. Faithful Husbands: Qualifications for Church Leadership
13. Uniting All Things in Him: Concluding Synthesis
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