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Speaking God's Words:
A Practical Theology of Preaching

Peter Adam (Leicester: IVP, 1996)

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There are many books on preaching, but few on the theology of preaching. Yet, whether it is recognised or not, theology underlies any preaching that claims to be biblical. Peter Adam builds confidence in preaching by laying a firm theological foundation for it. Preaching, he argues, rests upon three great pillars: God has spoken; his words are now recorded in Scripture; and he commissions people 'to explain, preach and teach his written words to their contemporaries'. Throughout the book, using apt illustrations, Adam encourages preachers to give themselves to the demanding yet thrilling task of 'preaching God's words' today. Highly recommended.


Foreword by Dick Lucas

Part 1: Three biblical foundations of preaching
1. God has spoken
2. It is written
3. Preach the Word

Part 2: The preacher at work
4. Preaching as a ministry of the Word
5. The preacher's Bible
6. The preacher's purpose
7. The demands of preaching

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