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Songs of the Servant:
Isaiah's Good News

Henri Blocher (Regent College Publishing, 2005)

Blurb Review


As part of the last four great poems known as the "Servant Songs", these familiar words were first uttered by a lonely prophet to Jewish exiles in mighty Babylon: to folks who were convinced that their tiny, storm-tossed nation had been forgotten by God. To them Isaiah brings a message of hope, telling of a mysterious "Servant of the Lord" who suffers beyond human endurance for sins which he did not commit, yet who lives again to witness the deliverance of those for whom he died. What were these people to make of this strange figure? Who was Isaiah speaking about? And, centuries later, who gave the NT writers the idea that these prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus Christ? The substance of this little book originated as the Bible readings for the seventh General Committee of the IFES at Mittersill, Austria, in 1971 and was published originally by IVP in 1975. This new edition is a welcome reprint, with Professor Blocher reading the Servant Songs in the light of the coming of Christ.


1. Approaching the Songs: Jesus and the Servant
2. The first song: Deliverer meek and lowly
3. The second Son: Head of redemption
4. The third song and the oracle: the Lord's representative
5. The fourth song: Behold, the Lamb of God!

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