Cover Image: Salvation to the Ends of the Earth

Salvation to the Ends of the Earth:
A Biblical Theology of Mission (NSBT)

Andreas Kostenberger and Peter O'Brien (IVP, 2001)

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Few biblical topics are as important as mission. Mission is linked inextricably to humanity's sinfulness and need for redemption and to God's provision of salvation in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This ‘good news' of salvation must be made known. The saving mission of Jesus constitutes the foundation for Christian mission, and the Christian gospel is its message, For Kostenberger and O'Brien, this significant theme has rarely been given its due attention in biblical theology. Motivated by their passion to see God's mission carried out in today's world, they offer a comprehensive study of the theme of mission. They explore the entire sweep of biblical history, including the Old Testament, the second-temple period and the New Testament.


1. Introduction 
2. The Old Testament 
3. The second-temple period 
4. Mark 
5. Matthew 
6. Luke-Acts 
7. Paul 
8. John 
9. The General Epistles and Revelation 
10. Concluding Synthesis 
Appendix: Paul's use of euangelion

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