Cover Image: Sacrifice in the Bible

Sacrifice in the Bible:
(ed. R. Beckwith & M. J. Selman)

Baker, Paternoster: 1995

Blurb Review


The study of the theme of sacrifice is clearly at the heart of the Bible's storyline in different ways. The papers in this volume, given by members of the Biblical Theology study group of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research, bear witness to the centrality of the idea and practice of sacrifice in biblical religion. Contributions cover the whole spectrum of the biblical treatment of the subject, as well as surveying its contemporary cultural and religious and contexts, whether Babylonian and Cannanite or Graeco-Roman and Jewish. The underlying goal of the book is to ascertain how far the developed idea of sacrifice, both as the pattern of human life and as the way of divine salvation in Christ, is implicit in the ceremonial practice from which it arose. A quick glance at the contents of the book shows that it is a very valuable collection, not least for preaching on certain biblical corpora.


1. The Passover Sacrifice (T. D. Alexander) 
2. The Levitical Sacrificial System (Philip P. Jenson) 
3. Sacrifice in the Psalms (Nigel B. Courtman) 
4. Sacrifice in the Prophets (Ernest C. Lucas) 
5. The Theology of Old Testament Sacrifice (Gordon J. Wenham) 
6. Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East (Martin J. Selman) 
7. The Self-Offering and Death of Christ as a sacrifice in the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles (Peter M. Head) 
9. The Death of Christ as a Sacrifice in the teaching of Paul and Hebrews (Roger T. Beckwith) 
10. Sacrifice and Priesthood in Relation to the Christian Life and Church in the New Testament (Steve Walton) 
11. Sacrifice for Christians Today (Martin J. Selman)

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