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Right with God:
Justification in the Bible and the World (ed. D. A. Carson)

Baker, Paternoster: 1992

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This fourth volume in the series is a study of what the Bible has to say about justification, along with reflections as to how this teaching ought to work out in a variety of contexts around the world. In addition to the essays on particular parts of the Bible (Paul, Matthew, Luke, Acts, John, James), the book includes an essay assessing recent thought on justification, and another attempting to put together a synthesis of biblical perspectives on this important theme. Plus much more ... see below.


1. Introduction (D. A. CARSON) 
2. The Biblical Doctrine of Justification by Faith (EDMUND P. CLOWNEY) 
3. Justification in Pauline Thought (BRIAN C. WINTLE) 
4. Justification in Paul and Some Crucial Issues of the Last Two Decades (P. T. O'BRIEN) 
5. Seek God's Righteousness: Righteousness in the Gospel of Matthew (NORVALD YRI) 
6. Justification in Luke-Acts (RICHARD B. GAFFIN, JR.) 
7. Justification in the Gospel of John (ANDREW H. TRO'ITER) 
8. 'Justification' in the Epistle of James (RONALD Y. K. FUNG) 
9. Justification and Personal Christian Living (RUSSELL SHEDD) 
10. Justification and Social Justice (GUILLERMO W. MENDEZ) 
11. Justification and Roman Catholicism (KLAAS RUNIA) 
12. Justification by Faith: Its Relevance in Hindu Context (SUNAND SUMITHRA) 
13. Justification by Faith: Its Relevance in Islamic Context (CHRIS MARANTIKA) 
14. Justification by Faith: Its Relevance in Buddhist Context (MASAO UENUMA)

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