Cover Image: Between Two Horizons

Between Two Horizons:
Spanning New Testament Studies and Systematic Theology (ed. J. Green & M. Turner)

Eerdmans, 2000

Blurb Review by Simon Gathercole


This is a pivotal book in the world of biblical and theological studies. Since the onset of historical consciousness in biblical studies over two centuries ago, biblical exegetes and systematic theologians have largely followed different paths. This book attempts to bridge the long-standing gap between these two fundamental disciplines by exploring this question: what effects should an interest in theology produce in the reading of Scripture? In seeking a fruitful answer to this question, nine prominent scholars discuss here the relationship of biblical studies to theology, giving special attention to the nature of biblical hermeneutics appropriate to doing theology. This volume also introduces the Two Horizons Commentary series - a completely new kind of commentary on the New Testament designed to reintegrate biblical exegesis with contemporary theology in the service of the church. The book is a mixed bag - some chapters are excellent, some actually quite poor. But the overall project is a good idea and the book will provide stimulation in the right direction, even though we wonder if the focus on the NT (as opposed to both testaments) actually perpetuates one divide while trying to overcome another?


1. New Testament Commentary and Systematic Theology: Strangers or Friends? (Max Turner and Joel B. Green)
2. Scripture and Theology: Uniting the Two So Long Divided (Joel B. Green)
3. Historical Criticism and Theological Hermeneutics of the New Testament (Max Turner)
4. The Role of Authorial Intention in the Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Stephen E. Fowl)
5. Reading the Bible from within Our Traditions: The 'Rule of Faith' in Theological Hermeneutics (Robert W. Wall)
6. Reading the Bible from within Our Traditions: A Pentecostal Hermeneutic as a Test Case (John Christopher Thomas)
7. Biblical Narrative and Systematic Theology (John Goldingay)
8. Two Testaments, One Biblical Theology (Steve Motyer)
9. Canonical Context and Canonical Conversations (Robert W. Wall)
10. Tradition, Authority, and a Christian Approach to the Bible as Scripture
11. The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology (N. T. Wright)
Afterword: Rethinking History (and Theology) - Joel B. Green

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