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Sex & Relationships God's Way

Linda Marshall (IVP, 2005)

Blurb Review


‘How do you find being a Christian in the sex-mad society we live in? Do you find it hard to live a distinctive life? Do you find that your past is hard to shift? Do you feel exhausted at the fight within yourself?' This book aims to help tackle these questions by presenting the Bible's teaching on sex and relationships in an extremely clear and down to earth way. The book grew out of a course on relationships run by Linda Marshall in her work with University students. It is not strictly a biblical theology book but we have included it here because it does model very well how to view relationships within the Bible's plot-line. Starting with Genesis and the fall from perfection, Linda explains how the way that Adam and Eve behaved sets a terrible pattern for us. Romans 5:12 tells us that we're all caught up and represented in the actions of Adam. The way that the serpent tempted the first man and woman to sin is the same as we are tempted today. This book shows the move from creation-fall-new creation in Christ and the men and women God intends us to be through the gospel. Highly recommended for older kids in your youthgroup or students heading off to University.


Foreword - by Nigel D. Pollock Introduction - Why pure? 
1. Pure perfection The way we were: Genesis 1 and 2 
2. Pure rebellion Where it all went pear shaped: Genesis 3 
3. Pure planets Living in a new community as Mars and Venus: Colossians 3 
4. Pure sex Being sexually pure: 1 Thessalonians 4 
5. Pure gifts Making the most of your gift: 1 Corinthians 7 
6. Pure forgiveness Cross-effects: Isaiah 53 
Afterword - by Catherine Brooks

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