Cover Image: Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture

Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture:
The Application of Biblical Theology to Expository Preaching

Graeme Goldsworthy (IVP, 2000)

Blurb Review by Rev. Andrew Evans


This is an excellent book that is simply a must-have and must-regularly-read for anyone regularly teaching the Bible. Goldsworthy builds on his earlier works to apply biblical theology to the task of preaching and this makes it a goldmine of both theory and praxis of what the biblical theology pulpit should actually sound like. Part 1 examines the Bible, biblical theology and preaching, and shows how they relate in the preparation of Christ-centred sermons. Part 2 applies the biblical-theological method to the various types of literature in the Bible and draws out their contributions to expository preaching focused on the person and work of Christ.


Introduction: Jesus and the Koala 
1. Nothing but Christ and him crucified 

Part 1: Basic Questions we ask about Preaching and the Bible 
2. What is the Bible? 
3. What is Biblical Theology? 
4. What is Preaching? 
5. Was Jesus a Biblical Theologian? 
6. What kind of unity does the Bible have? 
7. How does the Gospel Function in the Bible? 
8. What is the structure of Biblical Revelation? 
9. Can I preach a Christian sermon without mentioning Jesus? 

Part 2: The Practical Application of Biblical Theology to Preaching 
Introduction to Part 2: Christ in all the Scriptures 
10. Preaching from the OT Historical Narrative Texts 
11. Preaching from OT Law 
12. Preaching from the OT Prophets 
13. Preaching from the Wisdom Literature 
14. Preaching from the Psalms 
15. Preaching from Apocalyptic Texts 
16. Preaching from the Gospels 
17. Preaching from the Acts and the Epistles 
18. Preaching Biblical Theology

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