Cover Image: Preaching Christ in all of Scripture

Preaching Christ in all of Scripture

Edmund P. Clowney (Crossway Books, 2003)

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What makes a sermon distinctively Christian? According to Clowney, Christ does. A truly Christian sermon from anywhere in the Bible must take into account the full drama of redemption and its realization in Christ. In this book Edmund Clowney explains his reasons for this conviction and gives practical guidance for preachers who share it. First he lays the theoretical foundation for preaching Christ in the whole Bible. Then he gives practical tips for preparing such a sermon. The rest of the book is a collection of Clowney's own sermons that exemplify the preaching of Christ in all of Scripture. For experienced preachers who want to hone their preaching focus on Christ, this book offers guidance on how to do that. For aspiring preachers, Clowney's example is a model of faithful Christian preaching.


1. Christ in All of Scripture 
2. Preparing a Sermon that Presents Christ 
3. Sharing the Father's Welcome (Luke 15:11-32) 
4. See What It Costs (Genesis 22:1-19) 
5. When God Came Down (Genesis 28:10-22) 
6. The Champion's Strange Victory (Genesis 32) 
7. Can God Be Among Us? (Exodus 34:1-9) 
8. Meet the Captain (Joshua 5:13-15) 
9. Surprised by Devotion (2 Samuel 23:13-17) 
10. The Lord of the Manger 
11. Jesus Preaches Liberty (Luke 4:16-22) 
12. The Cry of the God-Forsaken Saviour (Psalm 22:1) 
13. Our International Anthem (Psalm 96:3) 
14. Jesus Christ and the Lostness of Man 
15. Hearing is Believing: The Lord of the Word

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