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Preaching Christ from Genesis

Sidney Greidanus (Paternoster/Baker, 2003)

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Sidney Greidanus's previous two preaching books - The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text and Preaching Christ from the Old Testament - have received wide acclaim. Preaching Christ from Genesis offers more of Greidanus's solid, practical homiletical fare. Packed with unique features, Preaching Christ from Genesis uses the latest scholarly research to analyse twenty-three Genesis narratives; presents the rhetorical structures and other literary features of each narrative; discloses the message for Israel (theme) as well as the author's likely purpose (goal); explores various ways of preaching Christ from each narrative; offers sermon exposition and commentary in oral style; suggests relevant sermon forms, introductions, and applications. Including helpful appendices this volume will be an invaluable resource for preachers and Bible teachers.


  1. Issues in Preaching Christ from Genesis 
Issues in Preaching Christ 
Reasons for Selecting Genesis 
Issues in interpreting Genesis 
Issues in preaching the Genesis narrative 
2. God Creates the Universe (1:1-2:3) 
3. Paradise Lost (2:4-3:24) 
4. Cain and Abel (4:1-26) 
5. Noah and the Flood (6:9-9:17) 
6. The Tower of Babel (11:1-9) 
7. The Call of Abram (11:27-12:9) 
8. God's Covenant with Abraham (17:1-27) 
9. The Birth of Isaac (21:1-7) 
10. The Call to Sacrifice Isaac (22:1-19) 
11. The Burial of Sarah (23:1-20) 
12. A Bride to Isaac (24:1-67) 
13. Jacob and Esau (25:19-34) 
14. Jacob's Deception of Isaac (27:1-45) 
15. Jacob's Dream at Bethel (28:10-22) 
16. Jacob's Marriage to Leah and Rachel (29:1-35) 
17. Jacobs' Wrestling with God at Peniel (32:22-32) 
18. Joseph's Sale into Slavery (37:2-36) 
19. Judah and Tamar (38:1-30) 
20. Joseph in Potiphar's House (39:1-23) 
21. Joseph's Rise to Power in Egypt (41.1-57) 
22. Joseph's Testing of His Brothers (43:1-45:28) 
23. Jacbos' Move to Egypt (46:1-47:31) 
24. Jacob's Death and Burial (48:1-50:26) 
1. Ten Steps from Text to Sermon 
2. An Expository Sermon Model    
3. A Sermon on the Creation Narrative (Genesis 1:1-2:3) 
4. A Sermon on the Cain-Abel Narrative (Genesis 4:1-26) 
5. A Sermon on Abram's Call to the Land (Genesis 11:27-12:9)

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