Cover Image: At the Heart of the Universe

At the Heart of the Universe:
What Christians Believe

Peter Jensen (IVP, 2003)

Blurb Review by Dave Bish


This book opens up God's great purpose for us and our world, and does so by freshly taking eschatology as its starting point. This is in contrast to most evangelical contributions to Systematic Theology, which generally present eschatology as one of the concluding topics! This unique way into Christian belief helps us to grasp the goal towards which God is working. It enables us to see how the dynamic, living story of God's purpose for the universe makes sense of our existence. We can then understand how the great themes of the Bible fit together as a whole and how they spur us on to faith, service and worship. Highly recommended.


Part 1 Tomorrow, Jerusalem
Part 2 Who Rules the World?
Part 3 Is God dumb?
Part 4 A Declaration of Peace
Part 5 Life in Two Worlds

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