Cover Image: Preaching and Biblical Theology

Preaching and Biblical Theology

Edmund P. Clowney (Tyndale Press/ Eerdmans, 1961, 1962)

Blurb Review


Anything by Clowney is worth having and this little book is no exception - it is a largely forgotten gem which applies his distinctive understanding of biblical theology to the task of preaching. Chapter One seeks to define biblical theology and suggests a much more specific meaning than the simple association of two such familiar words would suggest - this is a good brief summary of the Vosian approach to BT. Chapter Two raises the question of the authority of preaching and analyses the NT concept of the kerygma. In Chapter Three Clowney discusses preaching's proper perspective: it is a proclamation at the end of the age and to the ends of the earth; it requires joyful boldness as well as desperate urgency; the richness of its message is its focus on Jesus Christ. Chapter Four relates biblical theology to the immediate content of sermons, and ventures suggestions on tools and methods. As far as we are aware, this excellent little book is sadly now only available second-hand ... please let us now if it is back in print!


1. What is Biblical Theology? 
2. Biblical Theology and the Authority of Preaching 
3. Biblical Theology and the Character of Preaching 
4. Biblical Theology and the Content of Preaching

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