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Out of the Storm:
Grappling with God in the Book of Job

Christopher Ash (IVP, 2004)

Blurb Review by Rev. Peter Dickson


Why does a good God allow innocent suffering? Why does a just God act unfairly? Why does a sovereign God let disease and evil run rampant?

These are not questions asked from the onlooker's armchair, nor from the academic's desk, but from the anguish of the sickbed and the frustration of the wheelchair. The problem of pain is considered with the heart as well as the head.

Christopher Ash leads us through the biblical story of Job as we wrestle with these questions today. He honestly explores the lonely and cruel nature of suffering and whether God can be found in the midst of it. He exposes the shortcomings of Job's friends who deny the possibility of innocent suffering, and are unaware of the roles that Satan, the fall and the cross have to play. With compassion and clarity he takes the reader through Job's long debate with God - towards a humbling and hopeful resolution.


Outline and structure of the book of Job 
1. What is the book of Job about? 
2. Do we live in a well-run world? ( Job 1:1 - 2:50) 
3. Weep with those who weep ( Job 2:11 - 3:26) 
4. What not to say to the suffering believer ( Job 4 - 27) 
5. Two marks of a real believer ( Job 4 - 27) 
6. Is God for me or against me? ( Job 19) 
7. Why will God not answer my question? ( Job 28) 
8. Why justification matters desperately ( Job 29 - 31) 
9. A surprising new voice ( Job 32 - 37) 
10. The God who is God ( Job 38:1 - 42:6) 
11. The end comes at the end ( Job 42:7 - 17) 
Postscript: So what is the book of Job about?

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