Cover Image: Original Sin (NSBT)

Original Sin (NSBT)

Henri Blocher (Apollos, 1997)

Blurb Review by Dr. Daniel J. Treier


This is a philosophically sophisticated (and hence difficult!) treatment of the biblical evidence for original sin. Interacting with the best theological thinking on the subject, Blocher shows that while the nature of original sin is a mystery and riddle, only belief in it makes any sense of evil and wrong-doing. The book contains a general survey of the biblical evidence; a study of Genesis 2-3 and its relation to modern scientific, literary and theological thinking; a new and ground-breaking interpretation of Romans 5; a consideration of some of the intellectual difficulties that antagonists have with the doctrine itself. Not an easy read but invaluable for understanding original sin and working out what you think about Romans 5!


1. Original sin as taught in Holy Scripture
2. Original sin as an Adamic event
3. Discerning Paul's mind on Adam's role
4. Original sin as a key to human experience
5. Original sin as propagated and broken

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