Cover Image: Always Reforming

Always Reforming:
Explorations in Systematic Theology (ed. A. T. B. McGowan)

IVP Academic

Blurb Review by Jonathan Gibson


Foreword by John M. Frame


  1.   The Trinity: Where Do We Go from Here? Gerald Bray
  2. Observations on the Future of System. Stephen Williams 
  3. Classical Christology's Future in Systematic Theology. Robert L. Reymond. 
  4. On the Very Idea of a Theological System: An Essay in Aid of Triangulating Scripture, Church and World. Kevin J. Vanhoozer. 
  5. The Atonement as Penal Substitution. A. T. B. McGowan. 
  6. The Relationship between Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology. Richard C. Gamble. 
  7. Old Covenant, New Covenant. Henri Blocher. 
  8. Union with Christ: Some Biblical and Theological Reflections. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. 
  9. Justification: The Ecumenical, Biblical and Theological Dimensions of Current Debates. Cornelis P. Venema. 
  10. The Doctrine of the Church in the Twenty-First Century. Derek W. H. Thomas.
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