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A Better Way:
Jesus and Old Testament Fulfilment

Simon Austen (Christian Focus)

Blurb Review


To many young people today the Bible is a closed book. What are the Old and New Testaments all about? What is the big picture? When Jesus walked to Emmaus with two disciples after the resurrection he went through the Old Testament with them and showed them how it was all about him. Simon Austen has captured that joyous curiosity and amazement as he explains how the major events of the Old Testament pointed to a new era, a better way. Do you want to discover a better way? If so, then Simon Austen can help you come alive to the wonder of how the purpose of history points to a person in history & a place in that plan for you.


  1. A Better Adam
  2. A Better Son
  3. A Better Passover
  4. A Better Covenant
  5. A Better Law
  6. A Better Provision
  7. A Better Sacrifice
  8. A Better Priest
  9. A Better Temple
  10. A Better King (I)
  11. A Better King (II)
  12. A Better Answer
  13. A Better Way
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